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What's Happening:

No posts in a while. I've been super busy with grad school and haven't had time to really work on the music side of things (sad, I know). Buuuut, I am going to the LoDo Bass Bash this year in Denver so I'll have two new songs/videos to add sometime soon. These will be my first ever solo bass compositions. Squee!

I finally posted another piece of music. It's from the recordings I did with Scott before he passed. The mix itself was only ever intended to be a scratch track, but it has this kind of rawness and style that is so distinctly Scott's influence, I had to post it.

It's that time again for the Tempe Guitar Show. This year I'll be playing with David Meidinger and Che Nemeth at the J-Hawk Customs booth. Come by and say hey!

R.I.P. Scott Dorry.

Not many musical happenings in my life lately. Grad school is no joke!