about me.

my experiences

I began playing the bass guitar in June 2002 under the guidance of Allen Zwolle. In 2006, I played bass for the Greenway High School jazz band, directed by Andrew Vogt. Since then, I've played and recorded for various bands and musicians (both as a member and as a session musician) and I had a brief period of upright jazz bass study under the guidance of Benjamin Hedquist at Arizona State University. In 2013 I then started recording some solo work my good friend Scott Dorry until he passed. Since, I've not had much time to devote to music, so relatively little has gone into composition. I hope to remedy this after graduate school is over.

my influences

I appreciate music as an art and typically find that I am influenced by overall compositions as opposed to individual instruments. In no particular order, my influences include Maynard James Keenan, Count Basie, Victor Wooten, Jean Baudin, Bobby McFerrin, Hiromi, and Chic Corea.

my style

I am always learning and I try to stay as musically diverse as possible. While I tend to focus on the hard rock/metal scene, I very much like to incorporate various jazz aspects of jazz and funk (namely, counterpoint melody and syncopation) into my playing. For this reason, I prefer to play extnded-range basses with 6 or more strings.

my lessons

I often get questions about lessons. I do not offer lessons, but I do make it a point to share my knowledge with others on online forums and via email. Here is a link to my scribd page where I have PDF resources that may prove beneficial to new players.